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Liverpool's tagline, 'It's Liverpool', had previously been recognisable and effective, allowing the city to tell authentic stories. But it needed revitalisation.


With limited budgets, the council sought the support of key stakeholders to spread the message, but first, it needed to identify the problems the brand faced and understand if – or how – it could be brought back to life.


To understand the problem, we interviewed key stakeholders to determine what 'It's Liverpool' meant to them. We found that people were confused about the message. We needed to pare this back and bring clarity.


We developed a dynamic brand and creative template for Liverpool, providing clear guidance and flexibility on how it could work in a broader context, from education, to culture, to commerce.


The conclusion was a brand revitalised, seen across the city covering every aspect of Liverpool life.


Recognised not only within Liverpool but outside of the city too, our brand work went on to win a City Nation Place Brand Award. 


– 54m day visitors annually
– 4.8m stay for more than one day
– 4% increase in tourism revenue in 2014-2014
– 6th most visited UK city by overseas tourists