A project by Somewhere Art Director, Gino Giampaolo

Play is an important part of our work culture at Somewhere. Alongside client work, our artists are encouraged to develop personal projects where they are free to playfully explore, push boundaries, and experiment with subjects and styles of their choosing. This week, Somewhere Art Director, Gino Giampaolo, talks us through his latest play project. 

A note from the artist:

Commenting on his work, Gino said: “This speed exercise is meant to create a visual series with the purpose of exploring a variety of moods, taking us into the eye of the beholder throughout the narrative journey. 

“This is, by definition, what a photo essay should be, a set of images powerful enough to evoke emotion and understanding, bringing the viewer along with the storytelling.”

Architecture: Il Mercato - A Gastronomic Centre.
Architects: Jovanna Tammaro & Aine Barbar

Above: Somewhere Art Director, Gino Giampaolo

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