Using AI to generate a wealth of concept ideas for property developers

The second instalment of our new online series which focuses on the benefits of using AI to enhance architectural visualisation and brand work for property developers 

A blank canvas can be intimidating. 

But for us, the concept stage is often the most exhilarating part of the entire creative process. 

During this stage, we work to understand your goals and develop a number of visual ideas designed to shine a light on your building, masterplan, or vision in new and unexpected ways. 

To give you choice, we adopt a ‘contact sheet’ approach where the team creates a diverse range of exciting images that explore composition, lighting, mood, and narrative, to bring your story to life. 

As well as style, the team also explores the number of images needed to tell your story, how each image works individually, and how they work as a full suite. 

Our artists will then interrogate the purpose and value of each image, applying them across a spectrum of media channels and situations to test their versatility.

Introducing AI to the concept stage

During this stage, AI enhances the speed and volume of ideas created.

Within the same time frame, under the control of our experienced artists, a wealth of quality, supplementary concepts can be generated.

Unexpected, daring, and often surprising ideas that stretch the boundaries of what’s possible.

Leaving you with more choice and exciting, new ways to communicate your vision. 

Senior Client Director, Mark Lee

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If you'd like us to explore conceptual ideas for a development you're working on, experience how our team works with AI in person by booking a session with us. 

Get in touch with our Senior Client Director, Mark Lee, by emailing [email protected] with your enquiry. 

In the next instalment of our AI blog series, we’ll be exploring the benefits of using AI to enhance human emotional connection in CGIs

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