Part 1: Shaping the future of architectural visualisation & place branding with AI

Delving into the world of AI, this new series is designed to give you a taste of how we're harnessing its power to help our clients progress further, faster throughout every stage of the development journey



“Artificial intelligence will have a more profound impact on humanity than fire, electricity, and the internet.”
CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai

It's a powerful statement which gives fears of robots replacing human jobs some validity.

But for now, AI in the right hands, used alongside decades of experience and skill, can offer property developers a power boost.

One that can cut straight through the mounting global complexities of this new era of property and place.

Our team at Somewhere has been exploring and applying AI techniques to our client work for several years now, and in this new online series, we're sharing how we harness its power to help developers progress further, faster at each stage of the development journey. 

Nick Bentley, Managing Director at Somewhere

Nick Bentley, Managing Director at Somewhere

Before we begin, Managing Director at Somewhere, Nick Bentley, makes one crucial point: “As long as we’re always embracing AI, I believe it will enhance our creativity – but we still need human subtleties and nuances, like humour and playfulness, to bring stories to life.

“So whilst AI will certainly continue to have a monumental impact on the industry, the most important parts of storytelling will always be conceived by the human brain.”

In this way, AI is to be applied as a supplement, not as a replacement.

To illustrate this concept further, in this first instalment of the series, we want you to focus on the following model. 

The good, fast, cheap model – pick two

The good, fast, cheap model – pick two

The ’good, fast, cheap’ model – a simple and widely-known project management theory that is believed to date back to the 1950s – exposes a world where consumers will never be able to obtain a product or service consisting of all three elements.

Good, fast, cheap – pick two: 

  • Cheap + fast = poor quality
  • Good + cheap = slow
  • Fast + good = expensive
Members of the Somewhere team

Members of the Somewhere team

In 2024, however, at what many are describing as ‘the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution’ – when we place AI at the centre of the model, a shift occurs. 

AI – combined with quality work, skilled and efficient teams, and price points that reflect this – transforms the limitations outlined in the model and replaces them with a series of benefits. 

Benefits that, in our case, can provide ambitious property developers with the opportunity to create a bigger impact than ever before. 

In the following blogs, we'll explore four practical benefits of using AI to enhance architectural visualisation and place branding.

Starting with our next blog which delves into our first generative benefit – limitless ideation. 

If you’d like to speak to a member of our team, please get in touch with our Senior Client Director, Mark Lee via [email protected]

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