At home in virtual reality

Knight Dragon | Greenwich Peninsula VR

Design. Digital. VR.


Fall in love with a completely new part of London. Feel the rhythm of day-to-day life in a community yet to exist. Our virtual reality experience for Greenwich Peninsula offers a preview every bit as equal to the real thing.

Using immersive technology, we carry visitors up out of the marketing suite and away in a hot air balloon. The view from the basket gives a breathtaking sense of the scale. Laid out below: all the potential of a landmark development that’s still 15 years from completion.


Alighting at street level, visitors can explore a rich world crafted from paper, foil and cellophane. Up close, materials and textures look, behave and sound like their real-world analogues.


“Truly immersive virtual reality strikes a balance: allowing people to explore, but also guiding their journey. Custom coding gives us the first at street level, while the hot air balloon lets us guide. And the intuitive interface means even people new to virtual reality can have their own high-fidelity adventure.”
Rob Deja, Senior CG Artist


Take a ride through the future of Greenwich Peninsula.

Experience the breathtaking sense of the scale, colour and the potential.
Interact at street level and feel the rhythm of day-to-day life.

The ultimate try-before-you-buy experience.