A project by Somewhere Middle Weight CG Artist, Wellington Franzão

Play is an important part of our work culture at Somewhere. Alongside client work, our artists are encouraged to develop personal projects where they are free to playfully explore, push boundaries, and experiment with subjects and styles of their choosing. This week, Somewhere Middle Weight CG Artist, Wellington Franzão, talks us through his latest play project, Luz e Sombra

A note from the artist: 

Commenting on his work, Wellington said: “Light and shadow play a captivating role in architectural design, shaping spaces and creating dynamic environments.

“Architects skilfully harness natural light through strategic placement of windows, skylights, and openings, allowing it to illuminate interiors and accentuate textures and forms.

“The interplay of light and shadow animates surfaces, casting ever-changing patterns that evoke mood and ambiance throughout the day.

“Whether filtering through delicate screens or reflecting off polished surfaces, light, and shadow imbue architecture with depth, drama, and a sense of rhythm, enriching the sensory experience of built environments.”

3ds Max / V-Ray / PS

Above: Somewhere Middle Weight CG Artist, Wellington Franzão

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