An introduction to PlaceMaker

A series designed to provide ambitious place brands with the tools needed to prepare and enhance their own approach

Built on more than a decade of experience

For more than 10 years, we’ve been using key principles to help local authorities and developers build thriving, authentic place brands with long-term futures, that work for the community.

These guidelines weren’t crafted in a room, but developed over time, working on the ground on very challenging briefs.

We collaborated with organisations from Brent to Birkenhead, from Hounslow to Harrow, across the county of Essex, and in the urban centre of Manchester.

Each area had its own specific issues and ambitions, but they also shared some similarities, allowing us to bring these together and develop our own thinking.

This blog series provides ambitious leaders with the tools needed to prepare and enhance their own approach.

The aim? To give direction in a complex space where individuals have great responsibility as the custodians of the places in their hands.

Below, you’ll find an outline of the principles explored in this series.

Part 1: Find your place brand's unique characteristics

Identify the sequence of qualities that give your project its unique sense of place; find out about the role of heritage – and when, where, and how to utilise this – and read about our placemaking work for the Lake District World Heritage bid. 

Part 2: Find strength in unity as a placemaking brand

Why is unity so important? Is it possible to unify so many contrasting groups, ages, and demographics? Understand the benefits of collaboration as you follow our work for the County of Essex' 20-year vision. 

Part 3: How to ‘do what you'll say you'll do’ as a placemaking brand

Strategy essentials with a real-world example of listening to a community and delivering what they ask for featuring our work for Wirral Waters, Merseyside for Peel.

Part 4: Craft a new sense of place through brand

Changing perceptions through brand-led storytelling, we look at three steps towards creating a strong, new sense of place with two stories highlighting our work on Trafford City for Peel Group and Hounslow Council. 

Part 5: Be bold and brave as a placemaking brand

An interview with Associate Director at Somewhere, Scott McCubbin, where he recalls two very different projects that demonstrate the impact of going ‘bold and brave’ – Greenwich Peninsula: Paper World for Knight Dragon, and Map of the Future for Harrow Council.

Part 6: How to evolve continuously as a place brand

A tool kit of essentials for creating a flexible placemaking brand, followed by our work to evolve ‘It's Liverpool’ for Liverpool City Council.

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PlaceMaker is also available as a downloadable guide.
To receive your copy or to book a session to discuss your placemaking brand, email Associate Director at Somewhere, Scott McCubbin via [email protected]
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