Culture is not what we say, it’s what we do.

We believe that achieving creative excellence goes hand-in-hand with cultivating an open, collaborative and progressive workplace. It's evident in our commitment to inclusivity in business and social causes, as well as how we support each other every day.

We want our people to be happy, healthy and the best at what they do so we offer an industry-leading benefits package, flexible working, dedicated personal development time, regular socials, inspirational talks, seminars and event attendance - to name a few!

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Our Team

We’re forward looking. We have a vision for where we want to get to, and the focus to get there. We see things others don’t.

Nick Bentley

Managing Director

Laurie Jones

Creative Director

Mark Lee

Client Director

Isobel Hyde-Walker

Junior Client Director

Bryn Jones

Senior Project Manager

Megan Griffiths

Project Manager

Tan Sohanpall

Associate Creative Director

James Pickford

Art Director

Lautaro Vogel

Art Director

Rob Deja

Immersive Lead

Antonio Miele

Senior CG Artist

Adam Taylor

Senior CG Artist

Andrew Wraithmell

Senior CG Artist

Alexandru Ciubotaru

Senior CG Artist

Joe Wiltshire

Immersive Designer

Harry Cook

CG Artist

Ryan Lansing

CG Artist

Isaac White

CG Artist

Gino Giampaolo

CG Artist

Claudio Cammarota

Junior CG Artist