Somewhere for everyone.

From benefits packages, and flexible working models, to ‘playtime’, inspiration days, social events, and more – we do all that we can to help our team be happy, healthy, and motivated.

We’re committed to creating an inclusive workspace so that top talent from every corner of the globe can feel at their best when they find their place with us.

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One Team

We’re forward looking, we have a vision for where we want to get to, and we see things others don’t.

Nick Bentley

Managing Director

Laurie Jones

Creative Director

Mark Lee

Client Director

Bryn Jones

Senior Project Manager

Megan Griffiths

Project Manager

Tan Sohanpall

Associate Creative Director

James Pickford

Art Director

Lautaro Vogel

Art Director

Rob Deja

Immersive Lead

Antonio Miele

Senior CG Artist

Adam Taylor

Senior CG Artist

Andrew Wraithmell

Senior CG Artist

Alexandru Ciubotaru

Senior CG Artist

Harry Cook

CG Artist

Ryan Lansing

CG Artist

Isaac White

CG Artist

Gino Giampaolo

CG Artist

Claudio Cammarota

Junior CG Artist

Mango Gilchrist

Junior Developer

Omar Hashem

CG Artist

Wellington Franzao

CG Artist