By Omar Hashem

Get to know members of the Somewhere team! Learn more about our roles, interests, and see examples of the live creative projects we've produced together. In this interview, we borrow five minutes of CG Artist, Omar Hashem's time to ask him a quick-fire round of 10 questions. 

01. Hey Omar, how long have you worked at Somewhere?

Omar: This month will mark my two-year work anniversary! 

02. Tell us a little bit about your role and the skills you bring to the team?

Omar: I work as a concept CG Artist. My role involves creating concepts that will evoke a positive emotional response from the viewer's perspective.

03. As you know, our team is made up of artists and technologists from all across the world. Where are you from and how many languages can you speak? 

Omar: I'm from a small city in Egypt called Mansoura, it's in the countryside. And I can speak Arabic and English... and the occasional s'il vous plaît! 

04. What's your favourite thing about Egyptian culture?

Omar: It has to be the FOOD!

Above: Dahab, Egypt, home to – in Omar's opinion – the most beautiful beaches in the world

05. Where's your favourite place in Egypt and what makes it so special to you? 

Omar: My favourite place is a town called Dahab. It's an hour from the infamous Sharm El-Sheikh and, in my opinion, it's home to the most beautiful beaches in the world.

06. As a CG Artist at Somewhere, you deal with a number of world-renowned placemaking brands. In your opinion, what makes an authentic place brand? 

Omar: For me, it's about centring the brand around human experience – regardless of what might be considered to be ‘trendy’ at the time. 


Above: One of our recent projects – Ramhan Island for Emaar x Eagle Hills – worked on by Omar and the team

07. What do you think is the most exciting thing happening in the industry right now? 

Omar: Surprise, surprise, I'm going to have to go with AI!

Click here to learn more about how we're harnessing the power of AI. 

08. Have you been working on any side projects recently? 

Omar: Yes! I recently wrote an article reflecting on my experiences of home. It explores the contrast between 'old' and New Cairo and what we can learn from the history of the city as the 'new' Middle East continues to evolve. 

Above: An image from Omar's opinion piece, A 'new' Middle East inspired by the past, click here to read it

09. Looking towards the future, can you name a developer or an architect you admire that you'd love to work on a project with?

Omar: Dorte Mandrup!

10. And finally, what do you know now that you wish you knew at the start of your career? 

Omar: More coffee = better images! 

If you'd like to join our team, we're currently looking for Art Directors, Technical CG Artists, Junior Client Directors, Assets Library Managers, and Senior Film Editors & Motion Design Artists. If you have something extraordinary to offer, click here to learn more or to apply.

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