Part 5: The AI power boost: Better, faster, and earlier in the development cycle than ever before

The fifth instalment of our new online series which focuses on the benefits of using AI to shape the future of  architectural visualisation and branding work for property developers 

Throughout this series, we've delved into the world of AI to give you a taste of how we're harnessing its power to help developers progress further, faster throughout the development journey. 

In our introductory instalment, we discussed AI's role as a supplement commenting on the necessity of human nuances like playfulness and humour. 

We've explored how AI can assist during the concept stage, how it can enhance a CGI's emotive value and why this is important, and how it can be used as an economical, eco-friendly, and time-saving alternative to 3D models and photoshoots. 

To close the series, we're focusing on speed and agility, how AI can ease the mountain pressures of a project helping you to achieve significant milestones faster and earlier than ever before. 

1. Realising ideas in near real-time 

AI has had – and continues to have – a radical impact on the idea generation stage of a project.

But when putting it into practice, the speed of which ideas are realised before our eyes has been described as 'game-changing' by our clients. 

Commenting on a workshop with our team, Ben Stuart, Co-Founder at Able Partners Architectures (seated in front of the laptop in the image below) writes: “A quick workshop with the Somewhere team allowed us to test and explore so many different designs and concepts in a way that wasn’t possible even a few years ago.

Having the ability to realise stunning ideas in near real time is game changing.”

Our purpose-driven AI creative workshop officers a collaborative experience to explore ideas while keeping your ambition at the forefront. If you'd like to find out more email [email protected]

2. Speeding up production 

Time-consuming processes, including storyboarding, have also been transformed with AI.

A storyboard is the foundation of a film – traditionally created in sketch form, and later using computer generated content.

But using AI, we can now develop a storyboard that's not only clearer and easier to understand, but one that can be completed within a fraction of the time it would take without the help of AI.

Speeding up production, gives our clients the opportunity to make decisions faster, and get a clearer idea for buy-in earlier.

3. Streamlined responses

Last-minute asset creation and quick-turn around requests, including press releases, become easier to produce.

AI allows our artists to react quickly, maximise the use of existing assets, and promptly find creative solutions to challenges. 

With this improved, streamlined process, our team can ensure your project makes the most of every opportunity that arises throughout the entirety of the development's lifecycle.

If you’re a developer and you’d like to speak to a member of our team, please get in touch with our Senior Client Director, Mark Lee via [email protected]

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