Q&A with our Middleweight Project Manager, Megan

Alice Irving

Get to know Megan Griffiths, our recently promoted Middleweight Project Manager at Somewhere


Can you tell us more about your role?

"I’m a Project Manager here at Somewhere, handling day-to-day comms with our clients, ensuring live projects run smoothly, and supporting our team in delivering beautiful creative work."

01 – How did you first break into the industry?

"I was introduced to the world of archviz through the team at Agent Academy, based here in Liverpool.

"I completed their marketing course in 2021 which helps young people from the North West of England break into the creative, digital, and tech industries.

"They’re the one who introduced me to Somewhere."

02 – Biggest achievement in your career so far? 

"Honestly, one of my biggest achievements was also one of my first – landing a permanent role at Somewhere.

"At the time, I was a fresh-faced uni graduate navigating job searching in a post-pandemic world.

"It felt amazing to have finally found a foot in the door – let alone in such an exciting industry and with a lovely bunch of colleagues."

03 – Tell us about your career ambitions?

"For now, it’s pretty simple really – to continue to learn every day and have a lot of fun doing it!"

04 – We recently published a thought piece on the gender imbalance within our industry, what are your thoughts on this?

"It’s hard not to feel a bit of an imbalance, especially in a largely male-dominated area of our industry.

"But the policies that Uniform are implementing surrounding women and wellbeing are definitely a step in the right direction.

"Whether it’s ensuring access to free period products in the workplace, or continuing our commitment to working with outstanding female talent, every step (big or small) makes a difference.

"It’s super important to have colleagues at every level of the business support this cause, speak openly about the challenges we face and take action to tackle this imbalance together.

"Teamwork makes the dream work." 


Click here to read our thought piece on CGarchitect.com

05 – Can you tell us about some of your career highlights that have happened while working at Somewhere?

“Here are my top three:

“1. A recent promotion!

“2. Our trip to Portugal for the Inbetweeness festival – a great opportunity to hear from the experts, get to know others in the industry and spend time together as a team. 

“3. Every time we receive a positive piece of feedback from our clients.”

06 – What's your favourite Somewhere project?

"It’s so hard to pick a favourite! But I’m always drawn to anything involving interiors – like a lot of our past work with Urban Splash.

"Playful colours and cosy textures give these kinds of shots a real lived-in feel which I’m a big fan of."

07 – Do you have a book or podcast recommendation?

"Never ask a reader their favourite book! I’d have you here for hours!  

"Recently, I loved Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell.

"And my go-to podcast for the morning commute is always Culture Vulture.

"They also have a fab daily newsletter which, in their own words, 'gives you the news without giving you the blues'. Highly recommended!

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